Most people agree that deciding where to go for a massage can be a daunting task.  A number of factors will influence peoples decisions when choosing where to go  for massage therapy treatments such as professional atmosphere and environment, professional dress code, proximity to their residence or work, the hours available,  online booking availability,  whether there is direct billing for RCMP or VA, knowing the background and experience of the massage therapist, the gender of the therapist for personal reasons, if the clinic has all certifications and professional designations and in good standing and if they are a member of the better business bureau.

At Core Elements we have an amazing team of therapists, both male and female, that are professionally trained and members of the CMTO who’s main objective is to provide the best care possible to all of our clients.  Our therapists are trained in both relaxation and therapeutic massage and many have additional training in specific modalities providing our clients with a broad range of options for different conditions. We are open 7 days a week with evening appointments Monday – Friday.   Our online booking system makes it easy for clients to book their appointments at their convenience 24/7.   To eliminate delays of receiving treatment we offer direct billing for RCMP and VA.  Our focus at the clinic is to provide the highest professional massage therapy experience.  We want our clients to feel comfortable booking with any therapist in the clinic.

As members of the better business bureau we strive to improve everyday.  We value and respect our clients and appreciate any feedback that will improve upon our service or professional atmosphere.




SCM trigger point

SCM trigger points

Forward head posture keeps a muscle called the SCM (sternocleidomastoid muscle) in a chronically shortened position.  This muscle runs from just behind your ear to your collar bone in a diagonal direction.   These trigger points will refer a headache to the front of the head, earaches and/or dizziness.…

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