Should I come in for a massage when I’m sick?

Should I come in for a massage when I’m sick? That’s a good question. When you’re feeling sick and achy it might sound like a great idea to come in for a nice warm massage and have your aches and pains soothed by healing hands. In reality, it’s actually never a good idea to come […]

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy has become the latest fad after the Rio Olympics. You may have noticed that many Olympic athletes, including swimmer Michael Phelps and US gymnast Alex Naddour, had some large purple circles on their backs, shoulders and arms. Those marks were the result of cupping. Cupping is a lot like the inverse of massage […]

Spring is here! How to transition from treadmill to the roads.

Spring is in the air.  Birds are singing, sun is shining and runners are, well, running. Many in the Ottawa area are ramping up training for the big Tamarack Race weekend on May 27-28 and many other races our community has to offer.  It’s a time when many runners make the transition from treadmill to tarmac. Concrete […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children

The holistic benefits of massage are not confined to patients of any particular age. In fact, the ancient practice of massage has been shown to improve overall health in people at every stage of life, regardless of their background, age or occupation.  The medical community is increasingly cognizant of the particular ways children may benefit […]

What makes us “Hands Above The Rest”?

At Core Elements our goal is to provide the best in client care and customer service.  So what do we do different to be “Hands Above the Rest”? Our Mission is focus and listen to you!  What and where do you need immediate care and with the skill of our dynamic therapists, we treat your […]

Massage and Physio so important for sport recovery and performance

Ultra Marathoner Laura Perry explains best why massage and physio are so important to her success.  We are proud to support Laura through her training struggles and great achievements. Visit her blog below for her personal experience.

Massage Benefits for Stress

Continual or excessive stress can lead to problems involving sleep patterns, headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension and aches, sexual dysfunction and weight gain among others. Massage Benefits for Stress Massage is able to relax your muscles by reducing the tension that occurs in them from the stress response.  All muscles hold […]