SCM trigger points are not only caused by forward head posture.

Trigger points in this muscle may also be caused by:

  1. Awkward sleeping positions
    1. Lying on your stomach can place extra strain on these muscles.
    2. Using a pillow that is too high or using two pillows which puts your head into a flexed position
  2. Coughing hard when you have a cold or allergies.
    1. These muscles which help to elevate the chest may be recruited to assist with coughing. Trigger points can develop with the repeated overuse of the muscles.
  3. Doing activities or chores where you are constantly looking up puts stress on the muscles by overstretching them
    1. plumbing or electrical work when you are in tight corners looking up
    2. painting a ceiling
    3. installing drywall overhead
  4. Whiplash injuries
    1. Stress is placed on the SCM muscles during a whiplash incident as they contract to control the excessive whip of the head.
    2. Whiplash can occur from a vehicle accident or as the result of a fall.