Covid-19- What we are Doing at Core Elements to Keep You Healthy and Safe!

We are preparing to open our clinic and we have implemented new safety measures to keep you safe during your visit.  We have always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our space but now we are raising or standard to comply with Covid-19 Ontario Health guidelines. To give you a clearer understanding of what to […]

We’re Committed to Keeping You Healthy

Dear Community and Clients, With the news surrounding the COVID-19, we want to update you all in what measures we are going to, to keep everyone healthy and safe.   Our Sanitation Standards We have high standards for our business when it comes to sanitation. Throughout operating hours, treatment areas are fully sanitized after each […]

Should I come in for a massage when I’m sick?

Should I come in for a massage when I’m sick? That’s a good question. When you’re feeling sick and achy it might sound like a great idea to come in for a nice warm massage and have your aches and pains soothed by healing hands. In reality, it’s actually never a good idea to come […]

Meditation & Breath

Breathing is one of our most important tools in life. For some, they might use it during a massage to stay relaxed, others as a way to center themselves when things are too much. Practicing your breathing helps to avoid stress and promote relaxation, which is why meditation is so great; it’s a great way […]

Winter is here! CE’s top 5 tips for snow shovelling to save your back!

Winter is here and so is the snow….Already!!! We might not be used to an Ottawa winter starting in November but the snow shovelling season has begun.  Many people suffer from muscle fatigue, low back strain, vertebral disc damage and even spinal fractures during the winter months. These injuries can be brought on by excessive […]

The world of Massage Therapy with Dawn Oehring RMT & Adrienne Ireland RMT

Dawn Oehring RMT and Adrienne Ireland RMT had a chance to be on Rogers daytime television to inform their audience about the world of Massage Therapy and what to expect before, during and after a treatment.  Core Elements is a focused and therapeutic clinic that gears all treatments specific to each client needs. Watch the […]

What’s the deal about cupping and those bruises that come from it?

Brittany Pastorek RMT and trained cupping therapist explains the questions our clients have asked about the bruising that can occur with cupping therapy. Sometimes clients come in and are so fascially restricted that deep tissue muscle release won’t work. And then we need to think fascia and layers under the skin. Rather than applying pressure […]

Deep Tissue Techniques with Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage

At Core Elements our therapists are trained in different modalities to bring your rehabilitation or massage experience to a more advanced level.  RMT Alex D’Aoust specializes with her deep tissue and myo-fascial release tool. She explains what instrument assisted soft tissue massage is all about and its benefits! How is this performed? I use a […]

What Wellness is to Me -Brittany Pastorek RMT

This past September I attended a Can-Fit conference in Toronto and with the many courses I took while there, I had one with Tosca Reno, the well known fitness leader and author of the “Eat Clean” diet series. Her lecture was on the 3 E’s of wellness Eat Clean Exercise Emotional Wellness Eating clean and […]

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy has become the latest fad after the Rio Olympics. You may have noticed that many Olympic athletes, including swimmer Michael Phelps and US gymnast Alex Naddour, had some large purple circles on their backs, shoulders and arms. Those marks were the result of cupping. Cupping is a lot like the inverse of massage […]

Spring is here! How to transition from treadmill to the roads.

Spring is in the air.  Birds are singing, sun is shining and runners are, well, running. Many in the Ottawa area are ramping up training for the big Tamarack Race weekend on May 27-28 and many other races our community has to offer.  It’s a time when many runners make the transition from treadmill to tarmac. Concrete […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children

The holistic benefits of massage are not confined to patients of any particular age. In fact, the ancient practice of massage has been shown to improve overall health in people at every stage of life, regardless of their background, age or occupation.  The medical community is increasingly cognizant of the particular ways children may benefit […]

Invest in Rest -The importance of adding rest days to your workout routines.

REST -Repair, Eat, Sleep, Time -It is part of the program and so often overlooked. Especially by those of us who can be pretty extreme and try to fit 3483984 things into our day. Did you know that exercise can have the same affect on the brain as heroine? It’s addicting. The more we do […]

Core Elements Registered Massage Therapy are again finalists in the Orleans Chamber Excellance Awards!

We are proud to announce that Orleans Massage Therapy clinic, Core Elements Registered Massage Therapy, are finalists for “New Business of the Year” and our very own Dawn Oehring RMT is a finalist for “Health Care & Wellness Professional of the Year”! These Business Excellence Awards are presented yearly through The Orleans Chamber of Commerce […]

Give the gift of the Senses this holiday season!

We have the perfect gift idea for family and friends with our Essential Oil Gift Baskets!   For the Christmas season we have put together some of our teams favorite essential oils to share with you. The Wellness Box contains 4 essential Oils that will help with everyday aliments at $29.99 Eucalyptus- For the cold […]

Massage Therapy Health Benefits- Don’t leave your health unclaimed for 2016

Survey after survey finds Canadians want more vacation time and better health benefits at work.  While most of us have some extended health coverage, few of us are actually making use of the benefits we have. With job-related stress accounting for an estimated $16 billion in Canada ($300 billion in the United States) and repetitive […]

Are you SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how Massage Therapy can help.

The Winter season is fast  approaching…… shortened days, cold, snow, icy rain, and lack of sunshine.  When the seasons change many people, 1 in 5 to be exact, can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) which is serious mood altering state and can be rather intense during the late fall/winter season due to the lack of […]

Why Drink More Water? Top 10 Benefits!

Commit to drinking more water!  There are so many health benefits to drinking water and it’s so easy so free yet so overlooked.  Water makes up about 60% of the body there for you need water to function properly.  We begin to show signs of early dehydration (thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, etc.) as soon […]

Is training for your race causing you a pain in the knee?

This weekend is Ottawa’s Army Race weekend! The popular event brings out thousands of runners to the 5 km and half marathon (21.1 km) distances.  Many hours of training are put into the preparation for this run and with the over use of muscles comes pain and dysfunction at with many athletes.  Have you ever […]

What sets Core Elements above the standard? We focus on the core elements of care.

At Core Elements we understand that choosing the right Registered Massage Therapy clinic can be a daunting task. What sets Core Elements above the standard?  We focus on the core elements of care.  Above the Expectation in Client Service and Care  Our clinic provides exceptional attention to detail regarding service and your health.  You are […]

Self Massage home care with Yoga Tune Up balls

At Core Elements Registered Massage Therapy we believe that continuing your care at home is just as important as a massage itself.  A little home work is good for everyone:) We sell many therapy products that help with the home care exercises your Core Elements therapist may give you.  YTU (yoga tune up) therapy balls […]

Core Elements transition to a new online booking calendar!

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR OUR VALUED CLIENTS!! NEW ONLINE BOOKING CALENDAR- Starting June 8th, 2016 At Core Elements we are always striving to improve our services and client care. We are pleased to inform our valued clients that starting on Wednesday June 8th our clinic will be transitioning to a paperless accounting and booking system.  We will […]

Have you joined us on Facebook?

We love communicating with everyone on Facebook! Our posts consist of informative information for your health and well being. Keep up date on our community events and contests as well! Join our Core Elements Facebook page and be ready for all the helpful topics that you can share with friends and family. See you online! […]

Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Package

Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 8th!! Give the gift of Health and Wellness with our Core Elements Serenity Package. She will Enjoy a 60 minute Lavender Orange aromatherapy massage with a therapeutic paraffin wax foot treatment and a special take home gift!   Only $100 +HST The perfect gift to show Mom how much […]

Temporomandibular Joint TMJ Dysfunction – Massage Therapy helps!!

You may ask… What exactly is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?  TMJ is known as the jaw joint, it is a hinge joint that connects the jaw bone to the skull. It needs to be flexible in order to allow your jaw to move up and down and side. The TMJ is one of the most […]

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the fascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Each Myofascial Release Treatment session is performed directly on skin without oils, creams or machinery. This enables the therapist to accurately detect fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount […]

Lymph Drainage Massage for you Health

You probably know by now that we are exposed to a ton of toxins daily, to be more specific over 82,000 different toxins. When toxins build up and if we don’t detox our system regularly, our organs become overburdened which compromises our overall health.  This is where the lymphatic system comes in play. The lymphatic […]

Core Elements up for two awards with the Orleans Chamber of Commerce!

Core Elements is a finalist for two awards with the Orleans Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards! We are excited for the big night January 28th when the winners of the Orleans Chamber Business Excellence Awards will be announced. Core Elements is one of the top 3 finalists for “New Business of the Year” This […]

Core Elements is a Finalist for “New Business of the Year”!

Core Elements Registered Massage Therapy has been nominated and now a finalist for the “New Business of the Year Award” through the Orleans Chambers Business Excellence Awards. This award is presented to an Ottawa-East business that started operation after January 1, 2013 and provides high quality products or services, exceptional customer service and strong community […]

Do You Have Unclaimed Health Benefits?

Survey after survey finds Canadians want more vacation time and better health benefits at work. But while most of us have some extended health coverage, Very few of us are actually making use of the benefits. As costs to administer extended health plans continue to rise, employers are trying to meet the wellness needs of […]

What makes us “Hands Above The Rest”?

At Core Elements our goal is to provide the best in client care and customer service.  So what do we do different to be “Hands Above the Rest”? Our Mission is focus and listen to you!  What and where do you need immediate care and with the skill of our dynamic therapists, we treat your […]

Massage and Physio so important for sport recovery and performance

Ultra Marathoner Laura Perry explains best why massage and physio are so important to her success.  We are proud to support Laura through her training struggles and great achievements. Visit her blog below for her personal experience.

2015 Army Run Half Marathon training was a hit!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 14 week running group training for the Army Half Marathon. It was a hit and all the hard work paid off on Sunday September 20th at Canada’s 2015 Army Run. Our dedicated Core Elements RMT’s Celeste Constantineau, Erin White, Shannon Farrell and Dawn Oehring ran the half […]

What is Golfers Elbow and What Can I Do?

Summer is among us and many of us are active with our favorite activities.  If your activity is golf then you may experience pain in your elbows and forearms which is commonly know as “Golfer’s Elbow”. Golfer’s elbow is a condition that causes pain on the inner side of your elbow, where the tendons of […]

Stress vs Burnout

Do you know the difference between stress and burn out?  Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms of burnout?  What causes a person to burn out?  Are you at risk?  Check out the website below to see if you are heading for an unhealthy state of mind.

Stress in your jaw can create headaches

Some individuals, when stressed will grind their teeth during their sleep or clench their jaw, either during the day, night or both. When muscles of the jaw are contracted for this extended period of time, trigger points are created in the muscles.  One of the predictable pain patterns for trigger points in the jaw are […]

Stress and Headaches

Headaches develop for a number of reasons.  Some are caused by changes to the atmospheric pressure while others may be caused from hormones, medications, lack of water, or sensitivities to certain foods or beverages; but what about stress? When people encounter stress whether it is emotional or physical, there are changes that occur to our […]

Other Lifestyle Changes that Can Help with Stress Management

Below is information I found on a website that has wonderful suggestions on how to manage and/or reduce your stress. A key component to any stress management program is to incorporate lifestyle changes, not only dietary, but physical and mental/emotional activity as well. Exercise and some form of mental/emotional outlet can significantly reduce the disruptive […]

Massage Benefits for Stress

Continual or excessive stress can lead to problems involving sleep patterns, headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle tension and aches, sexual dysfunction and weight gain among others. Massage Benefits for Stress Massage is able to relax your muscles by reducing the tension that occurs in them from the stress response.  All muscles hold […]

Stress Response System – Fight or Flight

When we have stress in our life, our brain receives a signal that registers alarm.  When this alarm bell is rung, there are many actions that take place, one of them being the release of hormones that will create a response. These hormones are specific in affecting certain aspects of our body to allow us […]

Is stress affecting your life?

Were you one of the many that fell to the effects of a flu or cold over the Christmas holidays?  Do you think that your stress levels increased your chances of catching whatever is going around? What is stress anyway?  I like to have a certain amount of stress in my life to be productive, […]


How stronger stomach (abdominal) and buttock (gluteal) muscles can aid in reducing back pain.

Sitting for long periods of time and possibly developing lower cross syndrome means that your abdominal muscles and your gluteal muscles will have become weak.  It is important to strengthen these muscles if you are going to improve your posture and reduce your low back pain. There are many different types of exercises for the […]

How are the hamstrings (muscles at the back of the upper thigh) involved in low back pain?

The hamstrings which are located at the back of your upper leg, when contracted, bring your heel to your buttocks.   These muscles attach onto the bone in your buttock region that you feel when you sit on a hard surface and travel down the back of the leg to attach around the knee region.   As […]

Muscles located in the front of the hip can cause low back pain.

 There are three main hip flexor muscles.  Two originate from the lower anterior spine and attach to the upper inner part of the femur (leg bone)   The other hip flexor is also referred to as a quad muscle.  This muscle (rectus femoris) is located on the anterior part of the thigh and travels from the […]

Crossing your legs while sitting can contribute to additional areas of pain and discomfort.

If you are an individual that crosses your legs while sitting on your chair you will add additional strain to muscles in the low back region called the quadratus lumborum muscles.   If you cross your legs while sitting, you will cause your pelvis to shift and you will not be sitting equally on your […]

How does sitting for long periods of time create the potential for low back pain?

There is a syndrome known as lower cross syndrome.  This syndrome is the presentation of weak abdominal muscles and weak gluteal muscles with tight low back and hip flexor muscles. Sitting for long periods of time can cause this syndrome.   In addition to the lower cross syndrome developing, the hamstrings are likely to become shortened […]

How do the shoes you wear affect your posture?

Now that the holiday season is upon us, many of us females like to wear shoes that accessorize our clothes rather than shoes that fit well and are practical.   Our posture is altered by the shoes we wear.    We have normal curvatures of our spine.  Our posterior neck and lower back curve inward slightly while […]

How do you effectively change a slouched posture? (continued)

The chest muscles become very short and tight if you are repeatedly sitting in a slouched posture.   The small muscle called the pectoralis minor muscle is the muscle most commonly shortened in prolonged slouched posture. Stretching this muscle is an important aspect of improving posture.  Because this muscle is attached to your ribs and part […]

How do you effectively change a slouched posture? (Continued)

The rhomboids are key muscles in the mid/upper back that that are very important postural muscles.  They squeeze the shoulder blades together which supports the upper back.   They become weak due to the prolonged amount of time people spend in seated positions.   If the rhomboids are weak you will notice that your shoulder blades […]