Survey after survey finds Canadians want more vacation time and better health benefits at work.  While most of us have some extended health coverage, few of us are actually making use of the benefits we have.

With job-related stress accounting for an estimated $16 billion in Canada ($300 billion in the United States) and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) estimated to affect one in 10 Canadians it is hard to believe people don’t use the benefits they work so hard to have that can help with these situations.

As costs to administer extended health plans continue to rise, employers are trying to meet the wellness needs of their employees by offering strategies for stress management, regular medical screenings and other preventive health care measures. Now they’re also faced with trying to encourage employees to use them.

The survey also took a look at paramedical benefits, like chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy and psychological services. All have seen an increase in usage over the last decade, but are still being claimed by only a small percentage of those eligible for the benefits.

Massage claims have increased from just under 10 per cent of plan members to about 27 per cent since 2001. Regular Massage therapy treatment is a large contributing factor is keeping claims for workplace injury –lost workdays, turnover and employee dissatisfaction – down. 

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