Our goal as an award winning Massage Therapy clinic is to provide Orleans with the most comprehensive and focused Massage Therapy treatment in a safe and caring environment.  We are dedicated to the highest professional standards of client-centered care, providing our clients with positive change for a healthier lifestyle and improved self-awareness.

Our mission is accomplished through:


  • Nurturing client care – By providing service that is “Above the Expectation”
  • Ensuring the dedication of our Massage Therapists to our clients – Through focused and consistent treatments.
  • Educating our clients – In their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Fostering a positive and welcoming environment with open communication, and cooperation for all.
  • Utilizing and promoting the further growth of our clients well-being by providing a “Circle of Care” of like-minded healthcare professionals.

Our success in fulfilling this mission will be measured by an ever increasing referral base and an on-going satisfaction and loyalty.

~Your CE Team