Massage cupping is a modified version of “cupping therapy” which has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for several thousand years.  By creating suction and negative pressure, massage cupping is used to drain excess fluids and toxins; stimulate the peripheral nervous system; bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue.  Massage cupping can be integrated into almost treatment to reach optimal fascia and muscle release .

There are minimal side effects. Since cupping is such a gentle therapy, there are essentially no side effects.

  • Ecchymosis (bruising) is a common side effect of cupping, but does not always occur. The skin discoloration is due to the release of the bodies toxins caused by an injury or energetic blockage under the area cupped. This bruising can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, but is rarely painful.  Once the marks have cleared, the procedure can be repeated until the condition or ailment is resolved.
  • Avoid cupping if you are on a blood thinning medication or have a bleeding disorder.

Your therapist will clearly explain the cupping procedure to you and ask for your consent prior to treatment.

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