As the mental health epidemic continues to grow throughout the country, people are turning to and seeking positive outcomes from total mind and body approaches such as massage therapy. Through the power of touch, massage has evolved into an additional treatment option for various mental health conditions by reducing cortisol and adrenaline, as well as increasing serotonin and dopamine to reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD and other such mental health ailments.

A few benefits to help connect massage therapy to our mental health include:

  • Promoting calm thinking by relaxing the mind and the body; which can lead to a better and deeper sleep.  Getting adequate sleep can help to reduce irritability, fatigue, and the ability to think clearly.
  • Promoting a more relaxed state of mental alertness; which can help to quiet the mind and enter a state of total relaxation.
  • Helping relieve mental stress and reducing anxiety levels by producing endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine which help with depression.
  • Satisfying the need for touch, which fosters a feeling of well-being.  Negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression can manifest as physical symptoms, such as increased aggression, higher levels of tension in muscles, and fatigue.

Stress and the challenges of daily life can influence our mind-body connection, which is a complex relationship between our thoughts, emotions and our bodies. Regular massage therapy can help alleviate many symptoms that block your recovery.