Covid-19- What we are Doing at Core Elements to Keep You Healthy and Safe!

We are preparing to open our clinic and we have implemented new safety measures to keep you safe during your visit.  We have always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our space but now we are raising or standard to comply with Covid-19 Ontario Health guidelines.

To give you a clearer understanding of what to expect with our new norm we have listed the steps we are taking to keep our clinic comfortable and safe for everyone!



 It’s essential we know about the status of your health, At the time of booking and 1 day prior to our appointment you will receive an online reminder form with a set of screening questions for you to answer. If you answer YES to any of the questions, we ask you to re-schedule your appointment when you are no longer symptomatic and/or outside the 14-day period and contact. Ministry of Health COVID 19 Patient Screening Guidance Document.

***Please advise us in advance if you have a history of seasonal allergies, and symptoms mimic the above questions. Your RMT will immediately assess your symptoms during the second pre-screening at your arrival time**


Time of Arrival- Please arrive for your session right on time, and not early, to keep any contact or crowding in our reception to a minimum. Consider waiting outside or in your car if you’re comfortable and weather permits. We are staggering appointment times to minimize overcrowding in the clinic. Please respect this process.

Arrive Alone- Clients must attend appointments alone. We ask that no dependents or spouses attend your  appointments with you. (They must wait outside or in the car and not enter clinic). If you are unable to arrive alone, the person accompanying you must wear a mask and will be screened at arrival to the appointment and will be asked to provide their name and number for contact tracing purposes.

Upon Arrival at the Clinic-  Your RMT will ask you the COVID-19 pre-screening questions again to confirm the status of your health and any potential COVID-19 contact. We ask that you immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer provided.

Face Protection-Team members and clients are required to wear masks at all times. We ask you to bring your own a cloth or surgical mask with you.  If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Social Distancing- Our reception area has been modified to provide 6ft. between clients and we ask you to be aware of this guidance through out your treatment time.

Plexiglas Divider- We have installed a Plexiglas on our front reception desk to protect you and our CE team.



Contactless Payment- During this time, we are not accepting cash payments. Credit card or debit cards are accepted so our CE team can settle any payments in a contactless way.

Time to Sanitize- All appointment will have additional time in between to provide ample time for the cleaning of tables and equipment.


  • We are dedicating extra time between appointments to clean the treatment tables, headrests, stools, doorknobs, light switches, floors, all furnishings and equipment thoroughly using the “wipe twice” method so that sanitizing solutions have time to take effect ensuring a fully clean surface.
  • As per our usual, frequent hand washing will occur with anti-bacterial hand soap. Hand washing happens prior to assessment, prior to treatment and post treatment.
  • We are completing a thorough sanitation of the full clinic every hour which is monitored and checked by our CE team.
  • We are using pillows that have a protective vinyl covering that can be sanitized between clients. All other linens are changed and sanitized after each treatment as per our usual routine.
  • Our team have designated clothing worn strictly for treatment and time-in-clinic only. Therapists will be changing their uniform t-shirts between clients to ensure further cleanliness.
  • All cleaning procedures are documented.


WHAT WE ASK OF YOU- A safe and healthy environment requires all our cooperation.

Practice Social Distancing- When in close, shared spaces like the reception or hallway please respect others space and maintain a safe distance.

What if I’m not feeling well? – If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the clinic and contact your medical practitioner immediately.



Is the cancellation policy still in effect?

Our 24-hour cancellation policy is still in effect to ensure we provide fellow clients with an opportunity to book a session. If you’re unable to attend due to Covid-19 symptoms or contact the cancellation fee will be waived and you will not be able to re-schedule an appointment for 14 days.

Can you make sure I’m the first one on my Therapist schedule?

We are starting with a gradual opening in which urgent/emergency therapeutic care will take president. We will only be taking bookings a month in advance at this time as we need to adjust to any further measures our governing college guides us to. We’re booking on a first-come, first-served basis once our schedules open, and won’t be adding priority names to wait lists at this time. We want to ensure we are as available as equally and fairly as possible to our entire CE community.

 Are the clinic hours reduced?

We are maintaining our regular clinic hours. However, there will be a reduction in the amount of daily appointments due to the extended time between treatments to follow Ontario Health’s sterilization protocols.

What will Core Elements do if someone (client or team member) tests positive for COVID-19?

We are maintaining a client log and if a client or one of our team members have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, We will be immediately contacting any client(s) that may have came into contact and the individual and will be advised to self-isolate for a 14-day period.

If a CE team member tests positive, they will not return to the clinic and their return will depend on the advice of the physician or other qualified medical practitioner (after a minimum 14 day quarantine at-home period).

If any client reports any flu-like symptoms, including a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath, or other symptoms that may be indicative of COVID-19, the client’s appointment will be cancelled and will be sent home and advised to consult a medical practitioner. Clients will not be able to book a follow up appointment for 14 days after cancellation.


We will continue to post updates on any regulatory changes or procedure we implement on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


Welcome back! And we look forward to seeing everyone soon in health!

You CE Team