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How do you effectively change a slouched posture?

Aside from being aware of your posture and changing bad habits you can assist your body to improve by strengthening muscles that have become stretched and weak over time and stretching those muscles that have become strong and too short over time. The muscles on the upper back are overstretched, strained and weak. The chest […]

Trapezius trigger point

The most common trigger point that develops is the upper trapezius trigger point.   Forward head posture is a major contributor to the development of this trigger point.   The referral pattern is pain in the side and back of the neck, behind the ear and up into the temple.  The referral resembles a question mark. We […]

Causes of SCM trigger points

SCM trigger points are not only caused by forward head posture. Trigger points in this muscle may also be caused by: Awkward sleeping positions Lying on your stomach can place extra strain on these muscles. Using a pillow that is too high or using two pillows which puts your head into a flexed position Coughing […]

SCM trigger points

Forward head posture keeps a muscle called the SCM (sternocleidomastoid muscle) in a chronically shortened position.  This muscle runs from just behind your ear to your collar bone in a diagonal direction.   These trigger points will refer a headache to the front of the head, earaches and/or dizziness. What is unique about the trigger points […]

Forward head posture

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror to see how your head is actually perched on top of your spine?   Do you feel as though you are greeting people with your nose projected forward?  Have you looked at the driver beside you?  Are they driving with their head tilted up looking out of […]