At Core Elements our therapists are trained in different modalities to bring your rehabilitation or massage experience to a more advanced level.  RMT Alex D’Aoust specializes with her deep tissue and myo-fascial release tool. She explains what instrument assisted soft tissue massage is all about and its benefits!

How is this performed?
I use a specialized tool from Rocktape called RockBlade. This is a medical grade stainless steel tool used for soft tissue manipulation

What is the purpose of this tool?
The purpose of this tool is to create direct mechanical manipulation of irregular muscle tissue and adhesions in fascial/ scar tissue. It helps improve posture, increase range of motion, improve neurological function, increase tissue and joint mobility and decrease underlying tissue adhesions.

What are adhesions?
Adhesions are abnormal glueing together areas of tissue were they shouldn’t be. Adhesions can be caused by repetitive movement, poor posture, improper body mechanics and post operative scar tissue.

How is this tool used?
Using light pressure, this tool is used by creating a shearing force between fascial layers and muscle tissue. In no way is this tool painful whatsoever. This tool essentially scrapes away adhesions and scar tissue build, creating an increases circulation and improved mobility within the targeted tissue.
Occasionally after surgery- scar tissue is known to be an area of complaint due to its reduced mobility, and irritation around the scar. This tool helps improve the healing and function of the scar tissue, reducing its underlying adhesions that are creating impaired range of motion and tissue mobility. Most common post operative scars that I work on are caesarean scar, and Carpal tunnel scars.

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-Alexandra D’Aoust RMT

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