Do you have insurance coverage for massage?  We do insurance submissions for most major insurance companies. Just bring in your insurance card/info and let us save you the hassle. *Pay today and get your return in 48 hours! *Payment must be made at clinic at time of treatment. We submit the claim for you and your insurance company will reimburse you the funds according to your plans guidelines, it usually is paid out within 48 hours. Please inform us of your insurance information prior to treatment so we can assist you accordingly.

Participating Insurers


Can you process claims from the Federal Government?
Unfortunately, we cannot process claims for the Federal Government, Sunlife (Contracts ending in 055555).  Due to their policies, they require their members to file claims manually due to fraud protection.

Do you Direct bill?

YES! We also do direct billing for Blue Cross, RCMP and VA.

Do you issue receipts for tax purposes?

Receipts are issued after each paying treatment for submission to your insurance companies. If you do not have insurance, check with your accountant to determine if you are able to submit the receipts on your income tax.

What form of payment do you accept?

Our accepted forms of payments are Debit, Visa, MasterCard and Cash.

Your Massage Therapy session includes a brief assessment; treatment and any necessary home care recommendations from your RMT.

Massage Therapy Fees

Duration Cost
30 minutes $65.00
45 minutes $80.00
60 minutes $96.00
75 minutes $112.00
90 minutes $133.00
Add Paraffin Wax $12.00

Mobility & Strength Coaching

Duration Cost
30 minutes $63.00

*Above prices are before 13% HST

To understand Massage Therapy pricing Click here

Fascial Stretch Therapy

45 minutes $90.00
60 minutes $105.00