A personal & focused 30 minute session to assess weakness and imbalances in the body due injury or postural issues. Goal of this session is to educate you and set you up with rehabilitation plan that you can work on at home/gym.Within a Massage Therapy session home care is given but is not the focus because that time is set for your manual hands on therapy. If you require some dedicated time/education for a complex issue or just want some knowledge on how to work out smarter and more effectively for your needs this 30 minute session is a perfect compliment to your health.

Mobility & Strength Coaching session will include:

  • Assessment of injury or imbalance.
  • Exercise & Stretch plan.
  • Guidance and education with skills or proper technique.

Common topics/issues addressed in a session:

  • Stretch and foam rolling/yoga tune up ball massage techniques.
  • Postural strengthening / stretch exercises.
  • Shoulder mobility/ scapular stabilization.
  • Hip stabilization/ Core fundamentals & strength.
  • Ankle/ knee stabilizing exercises.
  • Facial Stretch and traction techniques.
  • Hip hinge/ Proper squat guidance to prevent back injury and maximize power.

This intensive 30 minute session is guided by an RMT that possess personal training certification, mobility/rehabilitation education along with postural assessment training bringing an integrated approach to your care and requirements.