Sports massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery.  A sport-specific vigorous massage that includes stretching, friction, and a range of motion techniques.

PNF (psuedoneuromuscular facilitation) stretching along with static passive and isometric stretching is used to increase muscle length and improve joint range of motion, thus improving athletic performance.

Sports massage prevents muscle and tendon injuries, reduces the strain and discomfort of training, restores lost mobility,  prevents injuries from re-occurring,  relieves stress points in the muscles and physiologically relaxes and motivates the athlete.  It allows the athlete to do what they do better, with less chance of injury.

An athlete trains at a higher level of intensity which can gradually cause fatigue in the muscles.  There can be micro or macro-trauma to an area when repetitive strain or force is applied to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints etc.  D.O.M.S (Delayed onset muscle soreness) can occur creating symptoms that are achy and stiff which commonly occur 24-48 hours after the activity.  Mild inflammation occurs with D.O.M.S.  Sport massage addresses these issues.

Pre-event sports massage is the application of brisk stimulating strokes (jostling),  compression of the muscle bellies, and broad friction to the muscle attachment points, along with mild joint range of motion exercises and mild muscle stretching.  The massage is usually performed on site with the athlete clothed and no oil used.  Among a few of the benefits, these techniques help promote speed, power and endurance while helping to prevent injuries.

Post-event sports massage is the application of specific soothing draining strokes that will reduce the buildup of metabolites and edema (swelling).  The techniques include gentle Swedish strokes, mild compressions and frictions along with mild range of motion exercises, stretching of muscle tissue and jostling.  It is performed 15 minutes to several hours after hard training or an event.  It should not replace the athlete’s normal cool down or post event stretching.  Receiving this type of massage will reduce the effects of D.O.M.S.  Post-event massage is not intended to be a therapeutic treatment.  If you wish this type of massage it should be scheduled for a later time frame.

Therapeutic sports massage deals with the application of assessment and treatment of sports injuries.  This type of treatment is very similar to deep tissue massage.  Click on our overview services link for more information about deep tissue massage.